I’ve been away…

Or at least it seems like I have.  Actually I’ve been sick.  Again.  I’m tired of being sick and feeling bad.  I want to have energy!  I think of lots of things to do and make in my head!  Now if I just felt like actually doing them!  Soon, I hope.


What? Me? I Won? Cool!

Yep, that’s right.  I won something! I NEVER win anything!  But I entered Craftapalooza‘s birthday giveaway, and I actually won!  I’m so excited.  No, I don’t know what it is, but that’s ok, because she (Nicole), makes the most delicious things, so I know that whatever I get, it will be awesomely cool!  You should click on over and check out her blog, but here are a couple samples of her work (By the way-HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!:

everything from tissue pack covers (this is one of my favorites because of the measuring tape fabric):


to quilts:

Almost every week she gives away one of the tissue covers, so you could be a winner too!


Oh yes, update on the sewing machine-it hasn’t arrived yet!  I’m getting worried!  If it doesn’t show tomorrow, I may email the lady I bought it from and/or call USPS.  She gave me a tracking number, but the info hasn’t been updated since the day after she shipped it. Grrr…  I want to SEW!!!!


Hooray!  My new sewing machine is on its way!  But-I found it much cheaper on eBay than at Sears, so decided to take a chance and buy it slightly used.  I have bought many, many items on eBay in the past, but nothing quite so important to me as this.  The lady I bought it from said she used it once and then was in an accident and couldn’t use it anymore.  I’m thinking it should be here tomorrow.  She sent me a tracking number, but UPS doesn’t seem to be updating their system very often-so frustrating!  I can’t wait! 

Once again, this is the one I purchased:

It is a Kenmore 19233-computerized with 215 sewing functions-I have yet to really understand what ‘sewing functions’ means, but I do know it has limited embroidery abilities, and will sew on fabrics from light chiffons to several layers of heavy canvas (my main requirement), as well as perform double-needle stitching (also very important to me). 

It is in for lots of work once it arrives!

Ahh, Martha.  She does it again.  I’ve begun moving things into Chaz’s room-sewing things that is-and I’ve been looking on the web for different ideas as to how to organize my fabric.  That consummate organizer Martha Stewart has a great way to organize and protect fabric on rolls.  She took hers from this:


To this:


Everything is wrapped in archival paper, then cellophane.  She then tags each with a sample of the fabric so she doesn’t have to open them to see what’s inside.  My guess is that she also has the width and yardage of each piece on the tag as well, possibly even fiber content, although she doesn’t specify that.  Then she stores them on shelves, not standing up.  I don’t have that much fabric on rolls, but it certainly would be handy for what I do have.  Plus I know I should have mine lying down-it gets all crinkly at the bottom end when you keep it standing.

Martha – you’re awesome!  Now, if she just had some tips for all my folded fabric….

Auction for A Cause

As many of you may be aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pink is everywhere, and for good reason.  From October 3rd through the 14th, eBay will be auctioning off handbags donated by celebrities to benefit Cancer Research UK.  This is through a partnership with the site Handbag.com.  To check out the bags, go to Handbag Amnesty .  Stars like America Ferrara, Dolly Parton (who donated a great leopard-print bag!), Kiera Knightly-quite a wide range!  I wasn’t able to post any of the pictures here, so I hope you will go the Handbag Amnesty site and check them out!  It’s for a great cause!

Sorry this is such a short post today, I have not been feeling well at all.  Between Chaz’ preschool, and my husband teaching, they both seem to bring stuff home, and I am the one who gets sick!  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a much better post for you!

New Sewing Project

Well, I spent most of last evening cutting out a new jacket.  I have decided to make myself a new wardrobe, kind of to advertise my skills and maybe drum up some business locally.  I mentioned a couple of days ago that I am doing costumes for the high school’s production of Pirates of Penzance, but i also want to show that I can do ‘normal’ clothes as well!

I’m starting with a jacket from a pattern instead of my own design, mainly because I think it is just really cute!  McCall’s 5478-from last winter:

And I’m using this black and white herringbone fabric that I have been holding onto for a couple of years (part of the stash!):

I’m making view C, the one with the sleeves that are kind of poufy at the bottom, but I may leave them open at the bottom instead.  I like jackets that have a wide sleeve layered over a tight sleeve like from a turtleneck.  So I think I will make it that way and see how it turns out.  I can always put the elastic in later if I don’t like it.  I’m also playing around with cutting some pieces on the bias and some not, or on the opposite bias to add a little interest.

Herringbone is like working with a stripe, so matching wasn’t difficult because of that.  What was a little difficult was the type of fabric.  It moves very easily.  It’s definitely not a tightly woven fabric, so lots of pins and very careful cutting.  I cut most pieces 1 layer of fabric at a time.  I’m going to interline it and line it because I want it to hang nicely.  I don’t always interline, and I can usually tell the difference.

Now I just wish I could start sewing!  I need to!  But the machine is not cooperating.  I have plans to buy a new one in October, but was hoping this one would limp by until then.  I just don’t think it will.  Maybe on some of the basic cotton things I am making for the play, but not on this jacket fabric.  I think the Chazman just got to it too many times without anyone knowing it!  But when Mommy gets her new machine, he will get the old one for his very own.  Who knows, maybe he’ll be a desginer someday!

This is the machine I am looking at:

If you click on the pic it will take you to the Sears site.  It’s a Kenmore, which is a great brand for service and warranty, plus some of their machines, this one included, are made by Janome, a superior sewing machine company!  So I am really excited-I just which I had it NOW!

OK, a quick post this AM, then a real one later, I promise!  I had to share a ‘don’t ever do what I just did’ moment I had this morning.  I was getting ready to go for my morning walk, and had to wear different shoes than normal.  (Thanks to the Chazman pouring corn syrup in my regular ones last night.  He was ‘cooking’.  lol  Cute, but sticky.)  Anyway, my regular ones are these awesomely comfy Skechers that I don’t wear socks with unless it’s cold outside.  So I decide I don’t need socks with the replacement ones either.  They feel fine.  Sure they do…walking out the door.  Until about 10 minutes into my walk when my feet start to get damp and swell.  I get about a mile from home and I feel ’em.  Blisters.  It finally gets to the point where I can’t stand one shoe rubbing anymore so I finally take them both off and walk home barefoot.  In grass as much as possible.  So now I have really sore feet and heels.  Sigh….I even had two ederly gentlemen ask me how far I planned to walk before I could put my shoes back on.  lol  But I did find a dime!  There’s a silver lining to everything, right?!?!?